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What's the song that's playing in the background? Gotta add it to my stinky collection.

Based and linkpilled, thank you fren

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I was just a weak soi boi down on his luck when I stumbled upon this game. After playing this for 400 hours, I found the Messiah Sergey and have been saved. This game saved me from a life of degeneracy of eating danishes and praying to Angela Merkel.

I have been shown the light and will devote myself only to Sergey Nazarov. I can already feel the chainlink flowing in my veins turning me into a CHAD like papa Sergey. Chainlink has already given me 9 pack abs, a full beard, and 32 centimeter biceps. It has also enhanced my GIRTH, but that is between future Mrs. Doughboy011 and I. I have replaced my entire wardrobe with plaid shirts, plaid pants, and boxer briefs with Sergey's face on them. This way, He is always watching over me.

My parents don't know it, but my tuition loans have already been spent on chainlink. I no longer go to my classes, I sit in the dark in my dorm room watching Boku no Pico on one monitor, and the chainlink performance on coincheckup on my second monitor. Who needs an education when chainlink will make me rich? When it finally explodes I will be able to buy all the tendies that I want. No longer will I need good boy points.

Final Score: A high number over a slightly higher number. Great game.