Our submission to the 1-Bit Jam! 

You're a stick guy running on the rooftops chasing a helicopter that is launching rockets at ya! 

Spacebar jumps, pressing Spacebar again while in the air kicks, delaying your fall and knocking rockets back towards the helicopter. 

20 rocket hits on the helicopter and you win the game!

Developed by Nukage

Art by EuSouAFazenda

Music and Sounds by DanielTelesOST


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Nice game, haven't managed to beat it yet but definitely a cool concept!


I like the use of the space button jump and also kick in the air. What engine/framework did you use?

GameMakerStudio2! and thank you!


I like the mix between runner and action game. Kicking in the air to fight back really adds a lot to the gameplay. I had fun!
I got so close to killing that damn helicopter but gave up in the end as the key press wasn't always responding.

Thanks for playing!

Because the player falls in sub-pixels and I don't do sub-pixel collision checks, there is a chance he gets stuck in the floor collision and requires two jumps to get out. 

Annoys me too!

I can´t ran game becouse every time i pres space it goes to the end of Itch.io page.

I had the same problem first time, but after refreshing the page, it worked the second time. Be also sure to click the game window before pressing space in the tutorial view.

yeah not sure what the deal is there, I have to refresh sometimes to get my Space to recognize in the game-window and not the web page